Tom Linzmeier

Mr. Linzmeier, Founder & Managing director of Access Vietnam has more than forty years’ experience in the USA securities business at various national brokerage firms. Starting with Piper Jaffray in 1976 and exiting the brokerage industry in 1999 with Robert W. Baird as Senior V.P. of Sales. In between these two fine firms, Tom was a V.P. of Sales with E.F. Hutton and Thompson McKinnon. Mr. Linzmeier served in the U.S. Army, artillery, deployment, Vietnam 1970-71.

An author and newsletter editor, Tom, was also a national speaker and workshop leader during the time of 1994 and 2004, presenting 20 times annually, in various cities to include Boston, Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco and Minneapolis/Saint Paul.

Between 2007 & 2014 Tom traveled to Vietnam twice a year, at six-month intervals with the express purpose of relationship building and art collecting. Since 2014 Tom has been living in Vietnam half the year and USA half the year. Over this period, Tom has developed an extensive number networking contacts and business associates in the areas of Art (collector and dealer), Import & Export, Vietnam Securities, Vietnam Investment Banking and Vietnam Real Estate.