Nguyen Duy Tuan

2008: Graduate of Hanoi Foreign Trade University, Hanoi, Viet Nam

2008 – 2012: MBA from Graduate Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, Tokyo, Japan

While in Japan, Tuan,

  • worked as staff member for a human resources company in Tokyo
  • was COO for JP Mobile telecommunications company in Tokyo
  • founded a real estate company in Tokyo

3/2012 Tuan returned to Vietnam and established ACE Trading and Service Development, Joint Stock Company (JSC).

  • Ace advises foreign enterprises investing in Vietnam,
  • Promotes M&A opportunities.
  • Is active in matching Japanese investors with Vietnamese business opportunities.

2012- present: Tuan is involved in multiple start-up companies since 2012. These companies are involved in education centers - a human resources company – a construction company, and a legal consultancy company.

His company, ACE, continues to match opportunities in Vietnam with investors from Japan.

2019: Tuan is expecting to graduate Hanoi Law University.