Nguyen Anh Tuan

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan is an expert in business development and management. He is skilled in project initiation and implementation. In recent years, he works as the independent consultant and in several cases in team helping the corporations such as TASKO, Thu Do JSC, Investment and Trade, and numbers other businesses for their development in term of strategic issues as well as management. He is also familiar with the development of the management information systems and business digitalization.


1994: worked as a Market Research Specialist of BSE Ltd. (Australia and Vietnam) Mining and Construction Consulting

1994-1996: Vietnam Director of Fort Group (Australia, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Vietnam) Civil Engineering

1996-1999: Project Monitor of RAP project of the European Committee

2000-2012: before working for Vietnam Data-communication Company (VDC, a company of VNPT), Mr. Anh Tuan was the Head of VDCA, a special business development unit which started two software development units and initiated BankNet, a company which manages the national financial switching system. VDCA also implemented successfully a number of outsourcing software projects with customers from US, Japan and Canada. After that, Mr. Tuan was the Assistant to VDC’s CEO on business development. Besides,

2006-2008: founder and Vietnam Director of QTTravel (US and Vietnam)

2003-2015: He also worked as a consultant to the foreign and Vietnam companies in implementing a number of projects with FDI in Vietnam and as a mentor, member of the Final Thesis Jury of the Vietnam-Belgium Master Program for the University of Liberty of Brussels, Belgium, 2003-2015.

2015-2018: the Vietnam partner of GlobAll Connect (US and SEA, technology transfer and trade support) responsible for SEA operation.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan has a good and wide relationship with experts, specialists, governmental officers, enterprises leaders, foreign and Vietnamese. He was the Co-Chairman of the Vietnam Cluster for the Development of Software Industry. He has a large network in the fields of ICT, construction, investment, trade, and travel.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan graduated from the Institute of Military Technology in civil engineering in Feb. 1979. He received a MBA degree from the Solvay Business and Economics School, University of Liberty of Brussels, Belgium in 1999 and had a number of courses from Stanford University US (entrepreneurship and start-up), Durham University UK (business audit and development), etc.