Julia Liang


To be best Entrepreneur I can be

Skills & Abilities:

Create and Execute Strategy -Proficiency in English - Self-motivated - Self-awareness - Ability to Work under Pressure – Excellent Time Management Skills – Adaptable to Situational Issues – Persistent – Team Player


Owner, Director – Orient Data Solution Co, Ltd                                           2003 – present

Co-founder, CEO – Data Research and Solutions Co., Ltd                         2016 – present

Co-founder, vice director – Green Trail Tourism and Trading Co., Ltd       2005 – 2009

Responsibilities with the above organizations included;

  • Strategize and organize business activities
  • Manage the organization
  • Develop business relationship with outside partners
  • Personnel management
  • Plan and implement database system project


VNU, University of languages and international studies                                      1997 – 2001

College of American – English culture - Hanoi, Vietnam

Communication Style:

My style of management is to listen first, combine best ideas into a strategy that can reach our goal while pulling everyone together as a team and/or find the right people for the mission. During my entrepreneur experience; I have brought in a long-term outsourcing contract with a Danish company; expanded travel partner network (Green Trail) from Germany, USA, Greece, and other major Western countries and created the idea and strategy for the first auction house in Vietnam.

My passion, open-mindedness and persistence has earned trust from people and convince people to work with me for the project at hand.