Le Thi To Diep

Diep To is a marketing, networking and management professional with 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience.

Diep is currently a business consultant for individual American and Canadian investors and corporations and was a regional advisor for the Canadian Investment firm, Gravitas Financial Inc. She was involved in and led projects sponsored by the Canadian embassy in Hanoi in the 90s. Diep graduated from the Faculty of Tourism, Hanoi Open University where she majored in Hospitality Management and taught marketing strategy.

As an entrepreneur, Diep is a co-founder and former President and CEO of Tam Nuong Trade and Tourism Ltd., based in Vietnam, and Indochina Travel Company, based in the USA; both top ranking high-end travel companies that provide world-class clients and celebrities with exclusive travel services. Diep is a co-founder and vice president of Genesis Events and Media, a leading company for business marketing in Northern Vietnam. She is a co- founder and director of business development of  Insight Asia, a high-end travel and trading company, Pu Bin Spice Hills a private travel  destination and training center – and is the founder of the non-profit, Diep To Foundation. Diep is also co –owner of Royal Wings Cruise, Ginger Legend Cruise and Valentine Cruise: top 4-5 star cruises in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. She is also active as a responsible land developer and heritage protector, a consultant for sustainable and community based tourism in Vietnam and as a partner at Scene Plus Architecture.

Diep is passionate about cooking. She learned cooking as a child alongside her mother and older sister. Diep started her private cooking classes in her mother’s kitchen in 2003 as part of a culinary tour in Vietnam.  Her focus of cooking practice is on the balance of Yin and Yang  in using fresh ingredients. Diep To has been working as a cooking instructor and  private Chef in Vietnam, Canada and USA since her first class in 2003. She has a deep understanding of Vietnamese Cuisine and strives to transfer the beauty and delicacies of Vietnamese Cuisine through the courses she leads.  She is also the Guest Chef in American Test Kitchen on Holland America Cruise line.

She will publish her first cookbook: Diep To’s Cuisine/ Flavours of Vietnam in 2019. Diep created her own spice line and fish sauce: Double Happiness in Vietnam. All her fees from cooking courses finance Diep’s humanity work via the Diep To Foundation. The Foundation helps improve the lives of at-risk women and children in poorer regions of Vietnam. She does this through the building of school facilities for the education of children and through the training of adult women in skills transferable within and outside village life. A goal of the Foundation is to build rural healthcare centers at the local level with a core mission of serving the often neglected middle aged and older women.in the community. The foundation strives to change the living conditions of poor people by giving them vocational skills such as hospitality and cooking for tourists and growing and marketing of organic spices.

In her spare time Diep, is also a part -time Vietnamese cuisine instructor at Hoa Sua college in Hanoi. Above all, Diep is  very enthusiastic about  being a link between Vietnam and Canada to promote cuisine, culture, tourism  of the two countries.