Corporate Joint Ventures and Equity Investing

There is a rush for companies to come public in Vietnam. Many of these companies need cash to accelerate growth or clean up balance sheets prior to a public stock offering. Management experience is also requested by many of these companies. Of course, there can be no assurance that the companies will come public, merge or be acquired. That is the common goal however.

There is an opportunity to purchase non-performing debt from banks for work-out.

Vietnam is open for business when it comes to investing in their stock market. It has become very easy for non-residents of Vietnam to open accounts and trade those accounts from outside Vietnam.

Vietnam's GDP grew by 7.4% in the first quarter of 2018, the highest level in a decade. The Stock Market has corrected from its outstanding performance of a 46% increase in 2017 but Vietnam has a decade or two of growth looking forward. Think China 15 years ago. Corrections should take care of themselves.

Equity (Stock), equity stock investing in Vietnam